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Essential Tools Homeowners Should Have

That day you have premeditated, dreamt of, and looked forward to has finally arrived; you have stepped into your new house! Of course, with this comes lots of excitement! And for many, lots of times, the first thing one may start to think about is paint colors and textiles; how they will decorate their house and make it their home. And while this idea is fun and rewarding in itself, you may want to start first with investing in the tools that will be required and or handy to maintain your newfound and hard-earned home! Many have said that some tools are a must-have, especially when adding family and pets, let alone the everyday wear and tear your home is sure to endure!

Below are some of our favorite essentials that every homeowner has been happy to have had. You (and maybe your neighbor) will be thankful later when you have that perfect tool needed on hand.


Another name you may recognize this as is a Hex Key. This is that small "L" shaped wrench used to drive in bolts and screws with hexagonal sockets. If ordering any B.I.Y. (build it yourself) furniture, this tool will likely come in handy.


Having an assortment of nails and screws on hand will make you a happy camper for any hanging or building needs. Look for an assortment of nails and screws in an already compartmentalized box.


This is sure to be used and a staple tool in any toolbox! A claw hammer is needed for pounding and extracting nails from some surfaces. Do yourself a favor and invest in a quality hammer that is weather-resistant and shock absorbent.


Investing in a battery-operated drill and driver is one purchase you will use a lot of in your future! Therefore, it is wise to purchase a variety of drill bits, including phillips-head, slotted and square-drive bits in all sizes, to ensure that you are ready whatever the task at hand.


Wanting to forego the constant comments from the in-laws about the crooked hanging picture, you may want to find yourself a level to add to the shopping cart! You have many to choose from, including a laser level or magnetic, or you may go for the standard. Click here to view the differences and what suits your need most.


If you're investing in at least one cutting device, let it be a hacksaw. This can be affordable, costing you around $20. This is good for cutting through plastic and metal piping, wood, tubing, threaded rods, etc.


You can buy these in sets so that you are ready for various uses! Locking pliers are suitable as a multipurpose gripping tool. Check out channel-lock pliers for larger pipes and valves. And small needle-nose pliers are great for those tight spaces. Electrician pliers have a fine point and help strip and cut wires.


These little guys are more valuable than they seem. Yes, they are used to apply spackle, but they are a huge help in removing old decor and loose, flaky surfaces. It is recommended that your putty knife has a stiff, 2-inch blade.


A few staple guns are on the market, but most homeowners will choose to go with the standard, manual staple gun. This is because they are typically easier to use and less expensive than others on the market. There are many uses for a staple gun. Still, a few examples of tasks would be fastening subfloors or roofing materials, upholstery, and fixing a picture frame.


Will that couch fit? Or, more importantly, will that new T.V. fit perfectly for your viewing pleasure? A tape measure could become your new best friend. This is sure to be used by almost anyone living in the home, so you may even want to buy a few just in case one goes missing! Click here to view some of the top-rated tape measures and find the one that suits your needs. They even have laser ones! Talk about convenience! Click here to view.


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