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CalCom Federal Credit Union was founded as Licomto Federal Credit Union on February 28, 1968 serving the employees and family members of Little Company of Mary Hospital in Torrance, CA. As with most Credit Unions, a dedicated employee, Ms. Doris Anthony, conducted the entire Credit Union operation. Her knowledge and service has always been a great model for all employees as the Credit Union grew. Other employees have since then contributed their own time to the Credit Union by volunteering to serve on the Board of Directors, Supervisory Committee, and Credit Committee. Our founding directors were James Lester, James Riedel, Frank Scalsi, Robert McLemore, Graham Hall, Morton S. Greenberge, and Joseph Armon.

In 2001, Licomto opened its field of membership to include health professionals within the South Bay and adopted the name South Bay Health Services Federal Credit Union to better describe this larger field of membership. South Bay Health Services continued to grow and entered into merger-partnerships with Copley Los Angeles FCU (September 2003), El Segundo Unified School District FCU (April

2005), the South Gate City Employees' CU (December 2005), CareConnections FCU (November 2009), ITT-GC Aerospace Controls FCU (February 2010), and Downey City Employees FCU (June 2013). The addition of so many “non-healthcare” Credit Unions into our field of membership led to the development of our current name, CalCom Federal Credit Union to represent all of the California communities that we serve.

CalCom has also been instrumental in pioneering collaboration amongst small “Shapiro” Credit Unions to help them reduce costs and increase efficiency. CalCom’s CEO was instrumental in developing a management concept for small Credit Unions called Shared Resource Solutions (SRS) where a single management team would operate several small Credit Unions while retaining their own identity, front-line employees and board of directors. In 2008, CalCom was one of the founders of the Southern California Credit Union Alliance (SCCUA) a non-profit group of Credit Unions founded on the concept of working together to reduce costs and increase efficiency for Credit Unions of all sizes.

CalCom Federal Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial institution. We are owned and operated by our members through a democratically elected Board of Directors. We are governed by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), a U.S. government agency. Staffed by full-time professionals, CalCom Federal Credit Union continues to offer an array of financial products and services. It has been a focused effort to bring the best technology, the most efficient operating methods, and competitive products and services all built around the foundation of a family to serve its ever-growing Credit Union membership.


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To collaborate with our Members to enhance their financial wellbeing


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