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4 Ways To Add Cleaning Your Debt To Your Springtime Routine!

No matter how big or small, debt can feel overwhelming and stressful. Although we try to justify it, due to shopping for gifts, finally taking that dream vacation, or the “need” to have that “one thing” can throw us into a tailspin of debt! Unfortunately, the intent of paying it off quickly often doesn’t happen because “life happens,” which can cause an accumulation of debt rather than paying off debt.

Here are a few helpful and straightforward solutions to help you get back on track and in the right direction so that you may start “spring cleaning” your debt!

Downloading a Mobile Budget App on your Phone

Ever wonder where your money went? A Budget App can be the perfect tool to help! Apps, such as Every Dollar, PocketGuard, or Good Budget (to name a few), can help with your budgeting needs. By using these types of apps, you can successfully see what amount you have available for extra spending while setting aside the required amount for bills each month. This can assist in controlling any sudden urges to spend what you haven’t budgeted. Some of these apps even allow you to share with other family members to make sure everyone is on the same page and not exceeding the budget.

The Snowball Method

The Snowball Method is another way some people take control of their debt. You start small, listing your debts in order from smallest to largest regardless of the interest rate. Then, you make your minimum payments on all debts, excluding your smallest debt. For your smallest debt, you pay as much as possible. Once the smallest debt is paid off, you will go on to the next smallest debt and apply the same method, and so on, until all your debt is paid off!

Consolidate Your Debt with a Low-Rate Personal Loan

Another way of paying off debt is by consolidating your bills into one low-rate loan. This is a great way to have one payment instead of multiple, often at a much lower interest rate! For information or to apply for a low-rate CalCom’s Personal Loan, click here.

(In addition to this, be wary of 0% balance transfers with other lenders. In some cases, a missed payment could void the 0% APR, and if the balance is not paid off within the 0% APR time period, you could be stuck with an even higher interest rate than before.)

Work Some Side Hustles

You got yourself into this debt; now it’s time to work your way out! There are many side hustle jobs that you can do and maybe even find a new aspiration! Some of the most popular side hustle businesses to get into are Car Washing, Dog Walking, Selling Items on E-Commerce Websites, Photography, and Baking, to name a few!


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