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Father's Day Ideas

Every year, we mark our calendars for taking the time to celebrate the extraordinary men we have in our lives for Father's Day. But it can be challenging to think of unique and different ways to celebrate Dad and make him feel special. So, whether the special men in your life are the outdoorsy types that like to get their adrenalin pumping or the laid-back types that want music, a good chair, and a drink in their hand, we’ve compiled a few fun, relaxing, and heartfelt surprises to help you celebrate this Father's Day.

Go on a Local Hike

Some of the best memories and talks with your Dad can be on a good hike. And the beauty of it is you can make the hike as adventurous or easygoing as you like, depending on what's around you and how far you are willing to travel. One good resource we've found to help you choose your hiking destination is the AllTrailsHiking app! This app offers over 200,000 trail maps for a hike, bike ride, or trail run, all with difficulty ratings and filtered features such as dog-friendly trails and trails with a view. In addition, by downloading this app, you will have the ability to have your phone turn into a GPS device by tracking where you've been, your distance, speed, and pace.

Gourmet BBQ

Nothing announces, "It's Father's Day!" like a good family BBQ! But this year, why not pull out the red carpet and make Dad know that this isn't any traditional family BBQ! He deserves more! It's time for your Dad to sit back and relax with a nice glass of red wine while you put on the grilling gloves for a change! Imagine your Dad's surprise when he smells the aroma of prime cut filets, grilled shrimp, and veggies on the grill! Need ideas for premium quality cut meats while having the convenience of online shopping? Check out Omaha Steaks for starters! They provide premium cut meats, seafood, sides, and desserts. And all is delivered to your front door! Even better, they have partnered up with to pair you with that perfect glass of red or white wine to go with that perfect Gourmet BBQ meal. Need a little more excitement? Break out the lawn games or end the night with a friendly poker match! Ahhhh, now that's one night your Dad is sure not to forget!

Take your Dad to a Ball Game

Pick up your Dad and surprise him with tickets to see a ball game! The memories of the smile on your Dad's face while he watches his favorite sport and the pictures you will share from that moment can last a lifetime!

Water Balloon Fight

Father's Day is at the start of the summer, and there's no better way to beat the heat while bringing out your Dad's inner child than having an all-out water balloon war! This is a great way to bring all ages together and divide into teams. So, what does the winning team get? Bragging rights, of course! But if you want to take it one step further, provide one person from the winning team with the winner's trophy to hold onto for the year until the next annual Father's Day Water War!


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