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Kim the Intern
Brock the intern
Edgar the intern
Brandi the intern

This past Summer we gave four interns an opportunity to gain some work experience before their college semester started. Here's what they thought about their time with us:

How would you describe your Internship experience here at CalCom?
Kim: It definitely was a welcoming environment... everyone guided me and made me feel comfortable.

How do you feel about your Mentoring/Supervision?
Brock: They were both great... Cedric, Dennis, and Marleen all answered my questions, made time to teach me or gave me something to work on. They asked questions about my career aspirations

What was your favorite part about working for CalCom?
Brock:The culture of the workplace. Everyone gets things done and there is a positive feeling. It seems everyone is trying to improve.

Would you recommend this Internship to other students? Why or why not?
Kim: Yes, I already have. CalCom taught me a lot about responsibility... prepared me for my future dream job. I believe this experience will open many more opportunities to come.

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